38 Reasons You Should Be Pumped It's About To Get Cold Out

Two words: mulled wine. 🍷

Too many people complain when summer ends and it starts getting chilly. But the truth is, cold weather is far superior to any sunny day. This one goes out to all you winter people out there. Our time is coming.

  • After a long summer under the burning hot sun, you finally get to hang in the shade.
  • Sunburns won't be ruining your life anytime soon.
  • Sweating uncontrollably is now a thing of the past.
  • That means no more boob sweat.
  • And no more ... well, you know.
  • Plus, when you cook, you no longer sweat your ass off as you slave over the stove.
  • No more asshole mosquitoes.
  • No more crazy frizzy hair.
  • Big, cozy blankets are relevant again.
  • Netflix and SNUGGLE and chill > Netflix and chill.
  • You can experience the fun that is coat shopping.
  • And the fun that is an alcohol coat.
    Is that not what you call being coated in alcohol?
  • You finally have an excuse to drink copious amounts of mulled wine.
    Yes, all of these wine glasses are huge. Your point?
  • Movember makes every guy look like that lumbersexual Pinterest board you're hiding from your SO.

    A photo posted by Beardbrand (@beardbrand) on

  • You can rock the hell out of Drake's sexy turtleneck sweater.
  • Even Five Seconds of Summer is aware that sweater weather = better weather.
  • No more staring at gross toes on the subway.
  • In fact, subway smell is actually kinda tolerable now.
  • No more tevas, crocs or other shoes that have disgraced this earth.
  • No more having to shave every hair off your body.

  • And bikini waxes are just a distant (traumatic) memory.
  • You can drink adorable beverages like hot cocoa and eggnog and whatever ridiculously festive holiday drink Starbucks is pushing this year.
  • Warm cider is pretty much a guaranteed mouthgasm.
  • Out with the iced coffee, in with the hot.
    You know, the way coffee was meant to be consumed.
  • You can wrap a giant comfy scarf around your frail little neck.
  • And infinity scarves are infinitely awesome.
  • No more dreading sweaty summer crowds.
  • You can hold hands with bae without getting clammy.
  • And spoon all night long.


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