12 Reasons To Date A Woman Who Reads

12 Reasons To Date A Woman Who Reads

Filmmaker John Waters once said, "If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have any books, don’t f**k ’em."

Excellent advice.

I may be biased when I say that readers are cool, dateable people -- after all, I was the kid who brought my books to the dinner table -- but there are definite perks to dating someone who loves to read. And I don't just mean people who are interested in literary fiction and huge war histories -- loving YA vampire novels or thrillers or bodice-rippers is just as worthwhile. Really, there's nothing sexier than someone with a book.

Here are 12 reasons it's great to date someone who reads:

1. You know she’s fine spending time on her own. People who read can entertain themselves for hours without you. Yes, you might get ignored for a couple of days when the new Outlander novel comes out, but a person who can hang out with themselves and a book won't get upset when you work late. Jamie is waiting.

2. She’s empathetic. Studies have shown that people who read fiction are particularly empathetic towards others. This makes total sense -- readers can put themselves in any character's shoes. When you're reading, you're constantly empathizing, trying to understand why a particular character is acting in a particular way.

3. She's a critical thinker. She's someone you can talk through a tough decision with, and know she'll give real thought to all the moving parts. People who read have stronger analytical skills, so a reader will be better equipped to assess a situation and find the right solution.

4. She has a sense of perspective. Her crummy commute is nowhere near as bad as what's going on in The Handmaid's Tale, provided her commute did not involve being transported to a totalitarian society and forced to bear children for other couples.

5. She's easily entertained. Setting her free in a bookstore or stopping to browse at one of those streetside book stalls is her idea of heaven. All a reader needs for an adventure is a place to sit and a good story.

6. She’ll be able to teach you things. Readers accumulate a lot of random facts, and they can usually explain things in a clear, concise way. A reader is the best person to have on your team for a pub quiz, and the worst person to play Jeopardy! against.

7. She's curious. Someone hungry for more out of life -- more stories, more information, more experiences -- will keep things interesting.

8. She’s probably a good listener. Anyone who can spend hours and hours reading someone else’s stories will be just as interested in what you have to say.

9. She’s easy to buy gifts for (and we've got you covered).

10. She has a great memory for detail. Your favorite drink? Your mom's birthday? Your absolute hatred of massages? Covered. Reading improves your memory, and let's be real, it's useful to date someone who will remember to pick up toilet paper on the way home.

11. She’s involved in the world, and I don't just mean whatever fictional universe she's immersed in at the time. People who read are more likely to vote, attend cultural events and be more engaged in their communities.

12. And the best thing about dating a reader? She'll probably encourage you to pick up a book yourself, so you can reap all the benefits reading has to bring. Plus, reading next to each other in bed is so much better than playing Candy Crush.

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