You Tell Us: When Did The Spirit Of The '60s End?

Last week James Franco wrote an anecdotal piece on his experience watching "Gimme Shelter," a film by the Maysles Brothers that involved coverage of the violent incidents that occured at the Altamont concert in 1969. The film, according to Franco, ended up sounding like "the death knell for the flower power of the 1960s." An interesting debate broke out in the comments section of the piece, where contributors gave their own account of the late '60s, and what really marked the end of 'flower power' for them.

Below is a roundup of the most interesting of the differing opinions and accounts. We want to reopen the floor to those who have words to contribute to the conversation.

Tell us in the comments or record a video retelling your experience in the late sixties. What marked the end of the spirit of the '60s for you?

When did 'flower power' end?