You Think You Need More Time, When What You Really Need is This

Are you the type of person that gets excited when you see new products, services or concepts?

Do you get super inspired and filled with hope at the thought of a new solution for your old problems?

How many times have you found yourself switching from one strategy to the next, trashing your existing plans like last night’s takeout, hoping the newest one will get you results faster?

Every month there seems to be a new idea or recommendation or ultimate, final, super-promise last time you’ll ever need to develop a strategy ever again for the rest of your businesses life, and you grab on to each one like a lifeline.

As Susan Powter used to say, ‘Stop The Insanity!”

The issue that most business owners face, today, is not that they don’t have time.

They have plenty of time. Once they get themselves organized.

The issue is, they don’t have focus.

The kind of focus that requires them to sit, and wait, and watch, and resist the very real urge to pull the plug on something before it has the chance to give them enough information to make smart decisions.

Instead, countless strategies, initiatives, and processes are abandoned mid-way….right before things get really, really good!

These poor strategies never stood a chance.

Just remember, no matter how many time hacks, tricks, tips, or workarounds you have in place to get yourself through the week – you still won’t get anywhere unless you focus on seeing a strategy through right to the end of implementation.

How do you know that you are done with the implementation?

Once you can collect consistent and reliable data on how the process is performing, then you are done implementing and can move into analyzing.

If you are stopping before you can analyze (and a week’s worth of intermittent data doesn’t cut it) progress, then you are doing your business a big disservice.

Other People’s Stuff

Oh, the things we see other people do, and the success that some of them get!

It is incredibly tempting to think that the way to succeed is to copy what successful people are doing.

But it doesn’t work that way.

Let’s say that someone else in your market is working a bad-ass strategy that appears to be working for them.

Like, really working for them.

Do you:

a) Drop everything that you are doing, pay them to tell you everything they know, then turn around and try and jam it into your business.

b) Congratulate them on their great success, then go home and panic that you aren’t doing as well as they are and try to copy what you ‘think’ they are doing, and cram that into your business.

c) Congratulate your peer on a job well done, ask them if they could share best practices, and then analyze if you have an opportunity to use parts of that information to enhance what you are offering now.

The difference between those that will succeed in business and those that will not, lies in the focus; and option c is all about focus.

Just because a similar business is having success with a particular strategy, doesn’t guarantee that another one will.

This isn’t to say that you should never look around to see what other people are doing, and how they are building a successful business within the market.

You want to replicate success, not imitate it.

So do your research, have those conversations, and learn what you can from as many people and places as you can.

But in the end do your own thing, in your own way, for your own business, and you will find that this will lead to your own success.