You Thought Apple's Airpods Were Bad? Take A Look At The iEye

Apple works tirelessly to change their products into trendy, status setting devices that are both cool and ridiculously unaffordable. By manufacturing products that only work with proprietary accessories they've created an image of accessibility with an air of exclusivity. This has never been more evident than with yesterday's announcement of Airpods.

Apple's iPhone 7 will not have an auxiliary headphone jack. Instead it will come with headphones that plug into the iPhone's lightning port (what?). Airpods, the wireless earphone alternative, will cost Apple diehards over $150 and will be sold separately. They're small enough to be lost easily, and don't look secure enough to stay in your ears during a run. In other words, they're the perfect way for Apple to make more money.

That's why Apple decided to make another announcement today. Comedian Travis Richey is here to introduce you to the Apple iEye. It's a revolutionary new device that is both comfortable and really cool. The iEye allows you to personalize your eye with a perfect sphere that sits inside your head. It's retina display is indistinguishable to the human retina. Apart from the display, the iEye can handle any task you give it. Forget the iWatch and see for yourself why iEye is the device for you.

While this is obviously a parody video, it's worth wondering if this is where we're headed in the future. How ridiculous does Apple's "courage" have to get before we stop buying?

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