You Were Made To Conquer – Your Miss-Takes Prove It

There is no getting around it, if you are going to rise to the top you’ll have to make miss-takes that cause you to stop. Stops are an inevitable consequence of taking a try at something and missing the mark. The miss-takes you make contain the answers you need to refine your action so you can try again and win. Do you agree?

Think about it. What is a mistake other than a miss-take? And what makes a miss-take valuable is when curiosity comes to the rescue. That’s when you learn something new. Every stop that follows a miss-take is a learning moment. If it were not for stops, you couldn’t turn toward trueness to see what newness you need to demonstrate in order to progress.

What’s the next logical step you take after you learn something new? You’re inspired to try again, aren’t you? That’s the re-take! Armed with what you learn from your miss-take, you have a fresh point of view that offers you a superior way to do what you did. And if you’re paying attention, you’re improving your skills with each re-take.

Eventually, after enduring the awkwardness of miss-takes and ineffective re-takes, you find yourself gleefully shouting, “That’s a take!” Sort of like those Hollywood film directors do when they pick up the megaphone after a movie scene is perfected.

The anticipation of gleefully shouting, “that’s a take” gives you a real edge up on life. You would not have persisted with those many re-takes that still missed the mark if you’d not suspected that sweet success was available. Broad is the horizon and green is the pasture when women and men dance and sing, “That’s a take!” They have learned their lessons. Now they feel wide awake. You want to join them, don’t you? You should. You deserve to.

I am sharing with you what many great achievers have shared with me. They all agree that they experimented extensively and missed the mark repeatedly before they experienced triumphant victory. Then, can it be said that the greatest achievers amongst us make more miss-takes than most of us?

Do you know what guarantees a miss-take without progress? It’s an unwillingness to learn the lesson offered. When a person becomes expert at excusing away his miss-take, he deludes himself into believing that he knows more than he knows. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we insist we know what we don’t know.

Whenever you get defensive about a miss-take, you disconnect your attention from the learning moment. Only when you’re willing to drop your reactive opinions can you create space to absorb refreshing lessons. It takes but a sparkle of truth to set you free so you can move forward toward triumphant victory.

May I make a suggestion? Consider your miss-takes as diamonds. Study them closely. Within each of them you will find - sparkling bright - the perfect truth that you need to make things right.

Would you like three tips to help you with this? Okay, here you go:

  1. When trying something new, dare to give up looking good.
  2. When trying something new, endure the discomfort of doing it wrong.
  3. When trying something new, remember this success principle: a great way to learn right action is to study wrong action.

Your life is rich with diamonds when you’re teachable about your blunders. Now, get out there and make your miss-takes, knowing that with every heroic re-take you will find more courage, more strength, and more wisdom. You were made to conquer. Let your miss-takes prove it!

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