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You Won't Believe What They Did...

my husband and I became two people looking for a miracle. A four year fertility struggle, left us emotionally exhausted and financially drained. Then we recently found out I would not be able to carry a child.
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 helping hand with the sky...
helping hand with the sky...

I read amazing stories about hope and kindness all the time. Through my kindness community and charity work, we are always looking for the heroes and the good guys, but today, I have an extra-special one to share with you.

Recently, my husband and I became two people looking for a miracle. A four year fertility struggle, left us emotionally exhausted and financially drained. Then we recently found out I would not be able to carry a child. Adoption was always something we considered, but it had become abundantly clear that our family was meant to be created through this very special opportunity. The thought of finding the child meant for our family seemed to be the most incredible gift. We knew it was finally time to begin our family.

As two hard-working people, it was incredibly frustrating to realize we could not afford the adoption process after our reserves had been drained on fertility related surgeries and medical treatments. We made a difficult decision to risk being vulnerable by putting our hopes out into the world and ask for help.

The love and support we felt immediately was truly heartwarming. Friends from near and far came to show their love, sharing our status nearly 1000 times, and contributing to the adoption costs we were hoping to put together. Within a week we raised 10% of our goal It felt so wonderful to have so much love on our side, for the biggest goal we've ever had... to start our family.

It wasn't without some criticism, as we faced some negative comments, and whispers behind our backs; some others didn't understand how we could be asking for help. Hearing the comments and the backlash was incredibly difficult. Sadly, some of those comments will stay with me for longer than they deserve to.

I only wished these people knew how crushed my spirit has been, and how the thought of adopting this child had given me back a hope that I had forgotten was inside me. I wish they knew that I'd do anything to make it happen, I wasn't looking for a handout, but for a hand up. I hoped anyone who knew us would know we would would spend a lifetime paying forward the kindness we received. I wished that they knew all our determination and hopes were focused on finding the child that we are meant to love. We already love that child, and we don't even know them yet.

My husband and I knew that there would be people who would disagree with our decision to find support in this way. We knew, though, that our family mattered more than others' negativity. I did my best to keep my chin up and keep going. I kept reminding myself that what we were working towards was too important to allow myself to crumble.

Awaking from some much-needed sleep after some rough days, I received a message from an old friend. It had been more than a decade since I'd seen her, but we'd stayed in touch over the years via social media. She had read our story and it stayed on her mind. And then she offered the greatest act of kindness anyone had ever done for us:.

This angel said she and her husband would like to loan us the remainder of what we needed to adopt our child, interest free. My heart was in my throat and my jaw was on the floor. As someone who has spent much of their recent life campaigning for a kinder world, I could not believe the kindness that was being bestowed upon my husband and me.

By the end of the week, as she had promised, the remaining amount we need to adopt our child had been sent to our special adoption bank account. I am proud to announce that we've already begun the process and we are on our way to starting our family. My tide of of sad tears have turned to happy ones... I never knew how many happy tears I was capable of shedding.

I learned so much through this moment in time. I realized, more deeply now than ever before, that risking being vulnerable, to share your truth and your dreams, is always the right thing to do. There will be people who don't understand,, but that doesn't define us. If you believe there is good in the world, you will find it. If nothing else, I hope this story reminds you that there are good people in this world, because there are.

Although our "angels" would prefer to go unnamed, I'd like to say this to them publicly: what you've done, out of the kindness and generosity of your heart, has forever changed our lives. Your gracious and giving spirit is one that we intend to pass on to our child, and remind them the gift of love is the most ultimate one that you can give. "Thank you" are words that are too small to acknowledge what you've done for us. You and your husband are amazing human beings and we are so grateful that you are part of our wonderful story.

We will continue to share updates as our story unfolds. We can't wait until the day we get to meet our child....and we thank each of you for supporting us through this journey. This child will always know how incredibly loved and lucky they are, and that they were truly brought to us through kindness.