YouAreDogNow Shows What You'd Look Like In Canine Form

Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof.

If you can't have a dog, you might as well be a dog.

Don't worry: If you have a dog, you can be a dog, too -- or at least, find your canine doppelgänger -- with the Twitter account YouAreDogNow.

Follow YouAreDogNow on Twitter and tweet a photo of yourself to its account, and the mastermind behind the project -- who describes him- or herself as a "simple college dog" -- just might dogify you.

YouAreDogNow is even making a foray into celebrity woofalikes -- which makes us very curious about what its creator might think of our all-dog casting of "Pup Fiction."

Admittedly, the account sometimes relies more on props and background images, rather than matching up the human's facial features with the appropriate dog.

But we're not judging. We still want to be dog now.

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