This Indian Wedding Was Shot On An iPhone And The Pics Speak For Themselves

"It is a whole new experience."

For years, photographer Sephi Bergerson had this crazy idea: to shoot an entire wedding with just an iPhone.

When the iPhone 6s Plus came out, the technology was finally advanced enough to go ahead with it. The hard part? Finding a couple willing to go along with his plan. The India-based photographer finally found that couple in bride Ayushi and groom Abhishek.

The happy couple Ayushi and Abhishek.
The happy couple Ayushi and Abhishek.

"They were a bit apprehensive to begin with," Bergerson told The Huffington Post. "After all, this was to be a huge wedding. However, when I talked to the couple, Ayushi said to me, 'I’ve seen your work, and I trust you!'"

Now <i>that's</i> a view.
Now that's a view.

The wedding was an elaborate three-day affair that took place in Udaipur, India in November 2015. The photos, while unlike your traditional wedding pictures, are stunning and have a painting-like quality.

A breathtaking bridal portrait.&nbsp;
A breathtaking bridal portrait. 
In a word: Wow.&nbsp;
In a word: Wow. 

Bergerson told The Huffington Post that although he loves shooting on the iPhone, it has its limitations, especially when dealing with dim lighting.

"I used a handheld LED light on the dance floor to add enough light for exposure," he said. "The iPhone low-light performance, although great with non-moving objects, is very bad for motion as the ‘film’ sensitivity (or ISO) is very low."

Dancing the night away.&nbsp;
Dancing the night away. 
Here's to the newlyweds!
Here's to the newlyweds!
Floor-to-ceiling gorgeousness.
Floor-to-ceiling gorgeousness.

"One should not expect the same kind of pictures from the iPhone as you get with the DSLR," Bergerson told HuffPost. "It is a whole new experience."

Bergerson enjoys the connection with the subject that shooting on an iPhone provides.

"When I started working with 35mm DSLRs, the camera comes between the photographer and the subject," he said in a video explaining his process. He continued, "I don't put the iPhone to the eye, so I don't block the eye contact with the subject."

The beautiful bride.&nbsp;
The beautiful bride. 
The photographer himself.&nbsp;
The photographer himself. 

In addition to the iPhone itself, Bergerson also used a hand-held LED light and apps such as Snapseed, Mextures and FaceTune to achieve the finished product.

Look at those smiles!
Look at those smiles!

Of course, none of this could have been possible if it hadn't been for Ayushi and Abhishek.

"It is rare to find a couple that could be so trusting to allow the photographer such creative freedom on the most important day of their life," he told HuffPost. "They were cooperative, fun and chilled out. Their confidence in my work allowed me the peace of mind to do what I thought was best, and produce this work without tension."

Below, some more of the stunning shots:

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