Happiness Is This Website That Sends Tiny Goats To People

You goat this.

You know what makes people happy? Animals. You know what makes people REALLY happy? Tiny animals. Luckily, there are sites that exist solely to spread the happy. is one of them. -- as per Twitter -- appears to have launched in May 2016. It allows you to send a teensy, plush goat to anyone you choose. SERIOUSLY. That's what they do.

The goats look like this: 

In case you're out of your mind and don't understand why this is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, the site explains its reason for existing.  

"Everyone knows the greatest Gift Of All Time would be a goat. But caring for a live goat can be challenging, difficult, and time consuming. We found the solution." 

This makes perfect sense. A goat IS the best gift one could possible receive, but a faux, fuzzy one is much more practical. 

The goats are only $24.99 (+$4.99 for shipping) and each comes with a hand-written note. Oh, and "ENDLESS MEMORIES." Can't forget the memories.

Some goat recipients have already expressed love for their new friends on Twitter.

 Now, what are you waiting for? GOAT TO IT.




Bella Russe, The Goat From Penn State