You'll Cry-Laugh At This Mom's Post About Her Kid Catching Her Having Sex

She wrote it like a (parenting) horror story.

A mom has offered a horror story-like retelling of the moment her kid walked in on her having sex with her partner, and the post has many people laughing until they cry.

On Wednesday, Emma Lou Harris, an Irish parenting blogger, wrote on Facebook that she and her partner decided to have sex one night, only to be interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

“I’d had two full beers that night and Joe had emptied the dishwasher without having to be asked. I knew right then and there it was game on. Pants. Off!” Harris wrote.

According to the hilarious story, in the middle of the act, her daughter, Frankie, walked in on them.

“My vision is blurred with both the sheer fright and with truth tears over fears of who I’ll find behind the blur of doom,” she wrote. “I knew the answer.”

It turns out Frankie had lost her “soother,” or pacifier, and needed one of her parents to find it. Before that happened though, Harris’ partner had a memorable reaction to the surprise.

“In that same split second I hear a small girl scream,” Harris wrote. “It’s Joe, it was the noise accompanied by him leaping off me higher than a kangaroo hurdler while very nearly giving himself a home circumcision from the ceiling fan in the process.”

Once the pacifier was found, Frankie went back to sleep. As for the two caught in the act? They returned to bed, mortified.

“I don’t know what she saw that night,” Harris wrote. “I can’t say for definite if she saw too much or if she saw anything at all.”

Needless to say, Harris’ post is filled with crying-laughing emoji in the comments. To top it all off, the Irish blogger wrote that she and her husband will probably finally recover from the incident “sometime in the year 2045.”

See more of Harris’ posts on Facebook.

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