You'll Go Gaga Over The Spoilers In The 'AHS' Episode 2 Teaser

"AHS" can't hold its p-p-p-poker face.

For a while, “American Horror Story” had a solid p-p-p-poker face for Season 6, but now we finally know the theme: the lost Roanoke colony. Even more secrets are coming out in the new teaser for Episode 2.

Among the reveals, it appears we’re finally getting Lady Gaga in the upcoming episode. In a screenshot on Imgur, it looks like the former Countess is hanging out behind Kathy Bates.

Yup. She’s on the edge of gory.

A Reddit user speculates that Gaga — if that indeed is her — is also wearing a giant tooth on her head, which would connect to the hailstorm of teeth from Episode 1. 

It’s probably not a tooth, but we’ll find out for sure next week.

Another Redditor also noticed the person who’s being roasted in the teaser may be wearing a pig’s head. 

Could the pig man in Episode 1 possibly be a person who’s being tormented and not some scary monster? Does pig man somehow connect to the “Piggy, Piggy” game from Season 1? Is a hot dog a sandwich?

So many questions, but for now, th-th-th-that’s all folks. 



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