You’ll Meet The Coolest People Waiting In The Franklin BBQ Line

They’re committed yet chill

Check out the full Periscope footage here:

Franklin BBQ is arguably the most famous of all the barbecue spots in Texas. It started out of a trailer by a young smoked meat enthusiast named Aaron Franklin, and catapulted into fame thanks to the laundry list of people — Anthony Bourdain, President Obama — who have devoured buttery brisket slathered in sweet and tangy sauce within its retro-looking, greenish-blue-and-white walls. This is barbecue so good that even the smoked turkey (usually a BBQ dud) tastes exceptionally juicy.

But perhaps even more famous than the barbecue is the line at Franklin. People show up as early as 6 AM (and sometimes earlier) to queue up, bringing along beach chairs and six-packs of beer, as the barbecue is usually sold out by 1 p.m.. There are stories of couples who have met and gotten married in the Franklin line, and even a Twitter account dedicated to providing live updates from the queue. The only person ever allowed to skip the line at Franklin? President Obama, who visited the spot in 2014.

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Our favorite people we met while checking out the line were the Smiths, a couple with matching vintage Franklins t-shirt, who go every year to celebrate their anniversary. This year they were the first in line for the very first time and their excitement was contagious. We also loved checking out everyone’s coolers for contrabands and the guy applying to med school on a laptop while waiting in line. Power to you, bro.