You'll Never Believe How Old These TV Celebs Of Your Youth Are Today

Now we feel old.

Last week, the internet was feeling “9021-old” after AARP playfully created a mock cover to celebrate ‘90s heartthrob Luke Perry’s 50th birthday. But it made us think ... if the “Beverly Hills 90210” generation is feeling absolutely ancient, what does that mean for those of us who’ve already passed 50? It means many of the greatest TV stars from our youth are a lot older and wiser than Luke.

Here are just a few of the celebs with birthdays this month that may be older than you think.

Jaclyn Smith

We all knew Smith as the beautiful Kelly Barrett on “Charlie’s Angels” in the late ‘70s. The actress turns 71 on Oct. 26 and is still as stunning as ever.

Demond Wilson

 Wilson played the younger half of the father-son duo on the iconic sitcom “Sanford and Son” through the mid ‘70s. The actor turned 70 on Oct. 13. 


Marion Ross

We knew and loved her as Mrs. C, the doting wife and mother on “Happy Days,” through the ‘70s and early ‘80s. Ross turned 88 on Oct. 25. 

Pam Dawber

Dawber starred alongside Robin Williams as one of the titular characters in the ‘70s and ‘80s show, “Mork and Mindy.” She turned 65 on Oct. 18. Rocking a similar haircut, pictured below in 2014, she looks like she’s barely aged.

 Erin Moran

Another “Happy Days” alum, Moran starred on the hit show as Joanie Cunningham for a decade starting in 1974. She turned 56 on Oct. 18.


Christopher Lloyd

Though he’s starred in a number of films, many TV fans remember Lloyd as cab driver Reverend Jim Ignatowski from “Taxi.” He turned 78 on Oct. 22.

Dawn Wells


She was the short-shorts-wearing Mary Ann on the ‘60s show “Gilligan’s Island,” a favorite still today. She turned 78 on Oct. 18. 

Suzanne Somers

She was the ditzy blonde Chrissy on “Three’s Company” starting in the late ‘70s and went on to became a fitness guru. Somers turned 70 on Oct. 16. 



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