You'll Never Believe These 19 Rooms Were Once Garages

Come on, just admit it -- your garage is wasted space. While most of us are guilty of using our garages for only storage, there are a fair number of people who are taking advantage of that extra square footage and starting a garage conversion revolution.
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Come on, just admit it -- your garage is wasted space. While most of us are guilty of using our garages for only storage, there are a fair number of people who are taking advantage of that extra square footage and starting a garage conversion revolution. It's time to stop thinking boxes and cars and start thinking kitchens, personal gyms or maybe even home offices. Whether you DIY or call in professionals, we think these concepts will help you create a renovated space perfect for Y-O-U (and not your car).


1. Interior Design Studio: This garage-turned-interior design studio has us dreaming of our own fabulous garage plans. With its bold color scheme and shelves upon shelves of storage, this studio offers plenty of inspiration for your very own creative space. (via Apartment Therapy)


2. Bright + Cheery Playroom: An indoor play space that's mess-proof? It doesn't get much better. Plus, your kids will love being able to go from an indoor playroom to outside without having to remember to close the door. (via Houzz)


3. Living Room: This neutral + contemporary converted garage from HGTV's Kerrie Kelly Design Lab keeps the cement floor, but softens the utilitarian room with plush carpets and neutral furniture. The bright colors on the wall and accent chairs bring the room from kinda plain to a modern, color-filled living space. (via Kerrie Kelly Design Lab)


4. Game Room/Bar: The bright bar here sets the tone for an evening of drinks and games with friends. You'll have so much fun you may never want to leave. (via My Domaine)


5. Rustic + Modern Dining/Living Room: Whether you like to wine and dine or relax with a good book or TV show, this is the space for you. If your garage has the capability for it, a ladder + loft situation would also be a pretty sweet guest room. (via The Guardian)


6. Garage Turned Tiny Home: Tiny homes FTW! While we could totally live here, this would also work well as a guest house for the ever-growing list of summertime visitors. (via Apartment Therapy)


7. Kitchen/Studio: Andreas Manolioudakis' converted garage has turned a boring space into a unique kitchen and living area. To get the look, decide on one or two focal points for the room and make them amazing. In this case, the kitchen has more counter space than most apartments and an even better picture window. Remember, if you want your garage to be as successful as you are, it needs a focus. (via Yatzer)


8. Workspace/Guest House: Whether you're working all day or hanging out with guests in their very own living area, you'll have it all in this awesome space. (via Molly Frey Design)


9. Family Gym: If you're planning a conversion the whole family will enjoy, consider making it a point to let each family member decide on one activity to incorporate into the room. We recommend those rad aerial yoga hammocks. (via Menter Architects)


10. Greenhouse: You'll definitely have to call in the pros to set up the skylights and knock out a few walls for this design, but this lush hangout will be totally worth it. It will also work for a quiet evening in, or even a Gatsby-themed ball. (via Philly Mag)


11. Living Room/Patio: This ultra-modern industrial space has an indoor/outdoor area that we are loving. And there's no need to worry about rainy weather, 'cause with these glass doors you'll have a decorative (and functional) retreat. (via The Partners Trust)


12. Kitchen: A kitchen in the yard removes the frustration of having to miss out on the party while your guests wait for you to cook. Now you can have the heart of your home where the party's at. The exposed cement blocks mixed with the clean look of wood cabinets and steel make this an industrial kitchen we wouldn't mind spending hours in. (via Houzz)


13. Full Gym/Training Room: For the adventure-seeker, a weightlifting and rock climbing gym will help you prep in the winter months for all those fun outdoor summer activities. This home gym from the DIY Network stripped out clutter and added hooks for medicine balls, a rock climbing wall for bouldering and soft floor mats for taking a fall. Are you ready to prep for your next adventure? (via DIY Network)


14. Lounge: This fully loaded industrial hangout comes with a TV, surround-sound speakers and an additional speaker system for when it's time to jam. The decor is just enough to crank it up even more in terms of design. (via Zuhairah Home Interior Design)


15. Garden Center: Get your green thumb on with a garage garden center that has everything you need to turn your backyard into a glorious green space. Hanging shelves are great for tool storage, and a tall desk is perfect for all your seed-counting and garden design work. And don't forget a place for your pots -- some open shelving will keep them, and all your other garden supplies, safe and contained. (via DIY Network)


16. Art Studio: This studio requires more light than an average garage, but the glass-paneled garage door provides not only natural light, but also an opportunity to put your work on display. (via Interior Design Ideas)


17. Office/Conference Room: Both a home office and conference area, this room is equipped with a full table or desk, an inspiration board and room for storage. On the other side, you can put a couch and TV for when it's finally time to take a break from all that work. What else could you possibly need? (via Homedit)


18. Craft Room: This inspiring craft room pulls a warm and inviting color palette into a super small space. Find a statement piece like that plush rainbow rug and you'll be well on your way to achieving the same creative, colorful feel. Throw pillows are another one of our favorite ways to dress up a room, so go ahead and add a bunch. (via Studio Shed)


19. Music Studio: We might not all play the lute, but if you have a few musical bones in your body, then this eclectic and culturally rich music studio is for you. You might need to do a bit of soundproofing; check with your nearby neighbors first. (via Apartment Therapy)

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