You'll Never Believe Where These Artists Got Their Start

Every artist toils in obscurity until they catch their big break. Abba, Celine Dion, Julio Iglesias all broke out and started their ride to super-stardom the same way.

In 1974 everyone in Europe sat down to watch the Eurovision finals. As always people were expecting the standard combination of campy stage shows mixed with pop music. And a group no one in Europe had heard before, from Sweden, came out with a number that captivated everyone in Europe and went on to become the number 1 song in the world.

And from there Abba went on to dominating the pop charts for years. And continuing to be a Eurovision favorite up to today.

And then in 1988 Switzerland got a little known artist from Canada to represent them. Again, an artist no one had heard of was on everyone's TV screen in Europe and everyone heard the amazing talent of Celine Dion.

And finally, in 1970 Eurovision introduced the world to Julio Iglesias as he represented his native Spain with an incredible performance. After this he rapidly grew to become an international superstar.

There are many artists besides those three that have launched from Eurovision to very successful singing careers. Some successful worldwide. Some successful Europe-wide. And some very successful in their own country.

Again this year we'll see 43 countries in Europe (apparently Australia is part of Europe now) send their most talented artists it compete. Most will continue with very successful careers. And some may go on to be worldwide superstars.

Which artists this year do you think will become worldwide breakouts? Let us know in the comments below.