You'll Wonder Why You Never Napped Like This Commuter On The Train

This is how you ensure you get your beauty sleep on the train.

This commuter’s hilarious sign is anything but a snooze. 

A woman ― and clear genius ― who was traveling on the train from Kings Cross in London, was seen napping with a handwritten sign on her forehead that read, “Wake me up at Harpenden.”

We know, we know ― all you public transportation users out there are probably wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

Fellow passenger Jordan Miguel ― who just so happens to be a marketing intern ― described the the sign as very creative, according to a description of the photo provided to HuffPost by Caters News. And apparently others thought so too, as it proved to be a perfect icebreaker. 

“Someone ... sat next to her and when she woke up they were having a bit of banter about it all,” Miguel explained, according to the Caters description. “It’s not something you see every day.”

The fellow passenger mentioned that the woman appeared to be awake when he got off the train roughly 25 minutes before her stop. 

So maybe she didn’t need the sign after all, though we appreciate the idea and plan on using it as inspiration for our own commutes. 



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