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#YouLookDisgusting Blogger Em Ford Responds To Internet Haters: 'Perfection Isn't Real'

"You look disgusting."

"I can't even look at her."

"Her face is so ugly."

"Eww. Horrible. Gross."

The Internet can be a very cruel place, especially when you're revealing a side that's rarely seen. Beauty blogger Em Ford experienced this first-hand after posting photos of herself without makeup on Instagram. The harsh reactions to Ford's bare face inspired her to produce a video that highlights the online abuse and harassment women are subjected to for not looking "flawless."

Ford's inspirational video has gained over 9 million views so far in less than one week. It has also encouraged individuals who struggle with acne and cyberbullying to share their experiences with the hashtag #YouLookDisgusting.

"I wanted to say, 'You know what? Perfection isn't real, and I'm just gonna show you what I look like in the morning and what I look like when I leave my house to go to work,'" Ford told BBC Trending about the message behind the video.

While the 20-something Londoner has perfected the art of her covering up her severe acne, she admits that the skin condition has taken over her entire life. "It's made me want to cancel plans with friends. It's made me not want to blog," she said.

This crippling anxiety is something we've heard from other YouTubers, including Cassandra Bankson and Kalel Kitten. Hopefully, their honest and raw accounts will teach Internet haters a lesson or two and change society's perception of what it means to be beautiful.

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