'Children Medieval Band' Plays Rammstein Covers (VIDEO)

Rock 'n' roll is no stranger to young talent, but a trio of siblings that's taking YouTube by storm has to have broken a few records.

According to the notes posted by their parents on the group's cover of Rammstein's "Sonne" (above), the Children Medieval Band -- so named because they play medieval music (below) in addition to German industrial metal (which might potentially be considered "medieval" in the Quentin Tarantino sense of the word) -- have a combined age of 23.

Their drummer, Cornelia, who can be seen beating down the skins with a maraca and a modified drum stick, is only 5 years old. Older brother Stefan, who plays guitar and violin, is 10, and keyboardist Olga is 8. All the kids play multiple instruments, and were trained with EarPower music software.

Metal Insider astutely notes that the Children Medieval Band's cover of "Sonne" lacks the "heaviness and intensity" of the original (careful, there's some brief nudity in the video), but they put on a pretty good show for their age.

The kids' deadpan stares are pretty metal, too, but their folks assure would-be critics and Internet trolls that those scowls are purely borne form concentration, not duress.

"[The] kids are not being pushed or forced to play. While we consider that music should be part of their education, the priority is that they should enjoy their childhood. That is why they practice only [one hour] daily," they wrote. "We don't like stardom, [we] don't want kids to be stars and all that circus."

WATCH: The Children Medieval Band Performs Medieval Music: