Selfless Boy Uses Make-A-Wish To Bring Free Food Truck To His Supportive Community

A Minnesota food truck is cooking up something extra special, free of charge.

Lucas Hobbs, a boy who battled cancer, is using his grant from Make-A-Wish to serve up tasty snacks to his community via free food trucks, CBS Minnesota reported. The 12-year-old, who lives in Eagan, Minnesota, wants to thank people who have helped him since he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“When I was sick, people brought me food from our church, and it was really nice of them,” Lucas told the news outlet. “It kinda got me thinking about my Make-A-Wish, so I asked my parents if I could use my wish to help others.”


The idea for the food truck program, which has been named ChefLucasFood, came about when Lucas was in the hospital for chemotherapy treatments, and having difficulty eating. After he watched "Chef" -- a movie about a father and son who operate a food truck --  Lucas wanted to start one of his own to feed his supportive community.

Make-A-Wish then teamed up with the Minnesota Food Truck Association and made a plan for Lucas to give out food to five different groups -- including a homeless shelter, senior center, church and the Minneapolis Police Department, KARE 11 reported.


“The fact that there is somebody, anybody, much less a 12-year-old, that is so willing to give outward,” John Elder, a spokesman for the Minneapolis Police Department, told the StarTribune. “I was honored on behalf of the department to help facilitate it.”

After feeding over a thousand people at his church earlier this month, and dozens of police officers on Monday,  Lucas will continue on to his remaining food truck stops --- among them the Minneapolis Children’s hospital, where Lucas received some of his treatments.


"I don't know what to say, but it makes me feel really, really happy for what i'm doing," Lucas told KARE 11.

According to CBS Minnesota, Lucas is done with chemo, feeling better and ready to continue his food truck operation. So far, the trucks have included caprese sandwiches, mac and cheese and gourmet cupcakes. But whether they’re sweet or savory, these treats will definitely be served with a smile.


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