Young Fan Runs Onto Court To Give Carmelo Anthony A Hug

Technical foul?

If you're going to run onto the court during an NBA game, you better be darn cute about it.

A young Carmelo Anthony fan pulled that off Monday night in New Orleans when he sprinted straight down the lane and directly into the NBA all-star's arms. 

It was dangerous, against the rules, and a poor decision (sorry kid), but all was forgiven when a surprised Carmelo returned the boy's embrace. Even better, the boy was not ejected from the arena.

Carmelo could probably use a hug these days, now that the New York Knicks are officially out of playoff contention. It didn't help that the Knicks dropped the game 99-91 to the New Orleans Pelicans, who played without their superstar, Anthony Davis.

Although it was a surprising moment, Carmelo remembered the hug fondly after the game.



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