"Young Frankenstein" at 3D Theatricals

"Young Frankenstein" at 3D Theatricals
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3D Theatricals offers another solid Broadway revival with Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein, which plays at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center until October 15th, and then from October 20-29th at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts. Brooks’ musical adaptation of his 1974 horror spoof debuted on Broadway in November, 2007 – after his stunning success with the musical version of The Producers, Brooks clearly realized that his film comedies would work well on stage.

While Young Frankenstein does not quite have the non-stop hilarity of The Producers, it is chock-full of gags and blue humor, along with several show-stopping tunes. At the top of the list is “Putting on the Ritz,” featuring none other than the Monster himself, along with “Roll in the Hay” and “Please Send Me Someone.” In all of Brooks’ work, one hears the echoes of early burlesque sketches that continue to tickle the funny bone.

3D Theatricals continues to present top-notch productions with outstanding talent. The versatile and talent Julia Aks is a stunner with a super voice in the role of Inga. Erik Scott Romney is a marvelous Igor, and Danny Blaylock and Tracy Rowe Mutz are terrific as the Monster and Frau Blucher, who scares even the horses. Richard Gould does a classic turn as the lonely, blind hermit when the Monster stumbles into his hut. As Frederick Frankenstein, Dino Nicandros has just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek sincerity.

Much credit goes to director David Lamoureux, who stages the show with comic precision, as well as to strong musicianship by musical director Corey Hirsch and the Los Angeles Musicians Collective. Kudos again to T.J. Dawson, Artistic Director of 3D Theatricals, for his continuing success in bringing high-quality revivals to the Southland.

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