REPORT: Justin Trudeau Has Always Been Hot

New pics of a younger (and sometimes shirtless) Trudeau have surfaced and they're stupid hot.

Canada’s prime minister is a good-looking guy.

It’s True-deau, isn’t it? Just look at the man.

Oh, hello, Justin Trudeau.
Oh, hello, Justin Trudeau.
Chris Wattie / Reuters

For further proof, check out Ivanka Trump’s facial expressions as she watched PM Justin Trudeau speak during a roundtable discussion in Washington, D.C., or this meme dedicated completely to his butt.

And because the internet’s thirst for the 45-year-old knows no bounds, images of a young Trudeau have been popping up on Twitter. Like the young Joe Biden meme, these photos will leave you shook.

As if you needed another few reasons to move to Canada, here are the best ones:

Before You Go

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