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'Young Lady In Manhattan': Reddit User Finds 1939 Guide For Women In New York


Reddit user 'unmoderated' recently found a copy of "New York: Behind the Scenes", a 1939 guide by Lee Mortimer, and scanned a section called "Young Lady in Manhattan..."

It's an incredible, albeit outdated, relic that advises the young, ambitious woman coming to the Big Apple to pursue her dreams -- sort of.

New York is a big friendly city, but it has its hands full taking care of its own. You may be the most beautiful gal in your home town. Your ma and your boy drummed into your ears the fact that you ought to be in the movies.

Sure we know that!

But the movies and the Broadway stage and model business are all crowded and there aren't enough shops in the world to provide jobs for all the ambitious little kids that drift into New York.

Of course, this doesn't sound too different from the job market a lot of New York's young college graduates are facing today. In New York, "Fresh young souls aren't worth a dime," Mortimer writes.

The guide also notes that, "Unescorted ladies might as well hang themselves after ten p.m." because "You can go to a movie or get an ice cream soda--but for night life, well you've to have that otherwise dispensable creature, man, with you."

And if you need a man? Well, free dances, friendship services, church, dogs, bathing beaches and drinking some afternoon cocktails at a bar are all great ways to meet Mr. Right.

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