Young Lee, Pinkberry Co-Founder, Packs Illegal Heat & Stockpiles Luxury Rides (VIDEO)

You might guess the founder of LA's beloved frozen treat, Pinkberry, to be a sweet, tasteful man with just a hint of tart. Well, think again.

Pinkberry co-founder Young Lee is not only a convicted violent felon -- we now know he also packs illegal heat and stockpiles luxury vehicles.

Lee was arrested last month for brutally beating a homeless man with a tire iron because he didn't like the man's sexually-explicit tattoo.

Now, a search warrant affidavit filed by a detective in LAPD's Asian Crime Unit reveals that Lee illegally owns a Colt .45 handgun and a Para Ordnance .45 handgun registered in his name, TMZ reports.

Lee, who already has one misdemeanor conviction for possession of a firearm, is not supposed to own any guns because of a 2001 felony conviction for possession of narcotics.

To complete his baller image, Lee collects luxury cars. In fact, the weapons may have been found inside his 2009 Rolls-Royce Phantom, 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB or 2010 Mercedes G Wagon, the Daily Mail reports.

Despite the fact that Lee hasn't been involved with the running of Pinkberry since May 2010, does his secret life ruin the delectable dessert for you?