31 Photographs That Will Show You The Future of Photography

How does a photographer get ahead in a world of images? More specifically, how do young photographers “make it” amid all the chaos? One way is through Foam, an important center of photography in Amsterdam that has been giving out annual awards for young talent over the past seven years.

This year, from a pool of 1,473 candidates across 71 countries, 21 artists have been selected. For the winners, it’s an invaluable opportunity for professional growth. Their work is touring the world: first Amsterdam, then Paris; now, at the East Wing Gallery in Dubai, until January 10th.

Foam’s goal is not only to make these promising artists known to the world but also to reflect on how photography in general is changing. As we look at the winners’ work, it becomes evident that the relationship between photography and contemporary art is getting stronger and stronger.

Some examples? Take the Japanese duo Nerhol, who create portraits of people by using overlapping sheets. While they seem to be digital images, they’re actually deeply unique 3D creations. Or the Canadian Émilie Régnier, who went to Africa to tell the story of the lives of young Africans who are reckoning with their future. Then there are David Lynch’s disturbing scenes, which have inspired Johnny Briggs. The latter has created some panoramas or characters with semi-human aspects quite troubling to the viewer. Yoshinori Mizutani's spectacularly direct, intimate photography reveals tiny parrots scattered throughout the sky of Tokyo. And no one's ever had closer contact with the most affluent social classes of Beijing than Charles-Henry Bédué, who dives into the realm of clothes, shoes, purses, cell phones and food, all of which are becoming symbols of power in the country.

Behold, 31 photographs that will show you the future of photography.

  • 1 Nerhol
  • 2 Nerhol
  • 3 Christto & Andrew
    Christto & Andrew
  • 4 Charles-Henry Bédué
    Charles-Henry Bédué
  • 5 Charles-Henry Bédué
    Charles-Henry Bédué
  • 6 Eva O'Leary & Harry Griffin
    Eva O'Leary & Harry Griffin
  • 7 Émilie Régnier
    Émilie Régnier
  • 8 Jonny Briggs
    Jonny Briggs
  • 9 Jonny Briggs
    Jonny Briggs
  • 10 Jonny Briggs
    Jonny Briggs
  • 11 Andrey Bogush
    Andrey Bogush
  • 12 Alice Quaresma
    Alice Quaresma
  • 13 Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup
    Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup
  • 14 Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup
    Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup
  • 15 Daniel Everett
    Daniel Everett
  • 16 Hannah Whitaker
    Hannah Whitaker
  • 17 Lucas Foglia
    Lucas Foglia
  • 18 Lucas Foglia
    Lucas Foglia
  • 19 Jan Rosseel
    Jan Rosseel
  • 20 Yoshinori Mizutani
    Yoshinori Mizutani
  • 21 Yoshinori Mizutani
    Yoshinori Mizutani
  • 22 Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld
    Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld
  • 23 Christto & Andrew
    Christto & Andrew
  • 24 Catharine Maloney
    Catharine Maloney
  • 25 Julien Gremaud
    Julien Gremaud
  • 26 Lukas Wassmann
    Lukas Wassmann
  • 27 Lukas Wassmann
    Lukas Wassmann
  • 28 Eva O'Leary & Harry Griffin
    Eva O'Leary & Harry Griffin
  • 29 Otto Kaan
    Otto Kaan

This post originally appeared on The Huffington Post Italy and was translated into English.



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