Young Professionals’ Earnings Potential in Finance Careers

Obtaining a degree is just the first step for a young professional. Next is facing the dilemma of choosing the career path to take, a decision often based on which jobs have the highest salary potential and which sector will continue to grow in the next years.

The finance sector, together with tech, is second only to healthcare as America's highest-paying industry in 2017, and despite the common conception that a career in finance is only for a few select people due to its difficulty and strong need of analytic skills, according to GoFurther Careers, receiving proper mentorship is the key to breaking into this career path: “We believe that with the correct strategy, right mindset, and guided motivation, anyone can break into finance. We loved working with mentees one-on-one, helping them prepare for technical questions, and refining their story persistently.”

The infographic below, provided by GoFuther Careers, shows the median annual salary in USD for 2016 and 2017 for some of the most common positions in finance; the infographic also analyzes the main factors that make mentorship a key element for landing your dream finance and consulting job.

Actuary: this job involves compiling and analyzing statistics in order to be able to calculate the actual risks and premiums of a certain business or financial operation.

Median Salary: $96,700

Financial Manager: these workers are responsible for the overall finance of an organization. Their tasks involve creating reports, monitoring financial results and putting into action the proper strategies for financial short and long term success.

Median Salary: $115,320

Personal Financial Advisor: people working in this role are normally working on their own, rather than working for an organization. They advise and consult on their clients’ finances, getting paid either on a flat fee or by getting commissions.

Median Salary: $81,060

Financial Analyst: their tasks involve looking at the financial conditions of doing business either from a macro or micro prospective, making recommendations based on the predicted strengths and weakness of the market.

Median Salary: $78,620

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