Young Soldiers Unabated to Fight Terrorism

Fear -- the attacks' main purpose was charred to unseen ashes as the students returned fearlessly to the Army Public School in Peshawar, 27 days after the barbaric episode of 12-16-14.

Green saplings woke up to resume their studies as their school reopened on January 12. What these optimistic minds which were shrouded in tinge of fear needed was a boost of confidence. They couldn't have imagined what was in store for them.

Not many kids get a chance of being welcomed by the Chief of Army Staff, General Raheel Sharif waiting to greet them along with their parents at the school's entrance.

Surprised and startled kids got tenfold of what they needed.

The resilience and determination fixed on these blooming faces was unprecedented. After all a smile on these young visages is a huge blow in the face of those who plan and execute these terrorizing acts.

Smiles wrapped around bundles of hope were evident in those curious eyes which prove to be more powerful than the ammunition these savages carry while carrying out their heinous operations.

Schools nationwide recommenced on the set date by the government. This year, the winter break was extended so that the educational institutes can bring about the desired security measures.

Safe haven once, now look more like fortresses. Guards have been recruited and police has been instructed to carry regular rounds for surveillance. Installation of security gates and cameras in many schools followed by checking of the students and staff alike is a dismal sight to watch, but a requirement of the hour.

Those who programmed the attack must have realized their idea of instilling fear backfired for the kids are strong-willed more than ever to fight these inhuman elements.

In the past fortnight, a video emerged on social media which gained remarkable prominence which highlights India and its secret warfare within Pakistan. Ajit Kumar Doval (ex-India's spymaster) who planned terrorist acts in Pakistan, Afghanistan and China states, " Ideological objective or political objective can be achieved through many ways. When you decide to achieve (it) using terror, now terror is not used against people who are killed. They are not targets of terrorism. It is not the 50 people killed who were the targets of terrorists, it is 50,000 who see them killed and get terrorized."

India's covert armed conflict in Pakistan via these terrorist factions is what has surfaced and is being talked about on various platforms, especially after the Peshawar attack. The U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry who is currently visiting Pakistan will also be provided with proof of this ongoing undercover warfare.

Schools on the other hand have been kept under a vigilant check so that the required safety measures are taken. The question is for how long the government will keep its security hike to the highest level.

As for the brave, little soldiers who return to keep the fight against terrorism unabated, the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) has presented a tribute for the martyrs of the APS along with motivating thousands of children nationwide to stand courageous against these enemies of the nation as well as humanity.

A translation of a repetitive verse from the tribute is:

'I belong to a nation from whose children he's (the terrorist) afraid. The big enemy is largely fratricidal who is scared of kids and fights kids.'

The youth however cannot be unnerved. The resilience and the power to stand up after these unfortunately frequent terror attacks of the citizens of this nation is certainly unmatched!