Video Diary Of 20-Year-Old Woman Who Lives On The Streets: 'I'm Not Really Homeless, I'm A Traveler'

Tammy gave her grown daughter Tatiana a choice: get a job, volunteer, stay in school — or move out of her mom's home. Her daughter chose the latter, she says, and hit the streets of Portland, where she panhandles, train-hops, and hitchhikes around the country. While Tammy questions if she made the right choice, because her daughter is now homeless, Tatiana sees her life quite differently.

Watch the video diary above as Tatiana shows what her daily life is like — the quality of which she rates as "like a 7 or an 8" on a scale of 1 to 10. "I'm not really homeless, I'm a traveler," Tatiana says. "Everywhere is my home."

Dr. Phil, who was also once homeless, gets candid about his experience on Friday's show, and then tries to help this mother and daughter reconcile. Check local listings here.