10 Young Women Igniting Meaningful Change In Their Communities And Around The World

From addressing the decline in bee populations, to working to stop violence against women and children to teaching women and girls self-defense and empowerment, the Girl Scouts Gold Award Recipients are igniting meaningful change in their communities and around the globe with their Gold Award Projects.

As a National Celebrity Spokesperson for Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), Robin McGraw had the honor of attending GSUSA’s 2015 National Young Women of Distinction Ceremony at Edith Macy Conference Center to meet and speak with ten recipients of the Gold Award, the highest award that a Girl Scout can earn.

“It was truly inspirational,” Robin says of meeting the young women, who shared with her their Gold Award projects.

One of the award recipients, Julie, implemented a honey bee box on a local, organic community-supported agriculture farm to create a safe haven for the endangered honeybees. She is now a beekeeper of one queen and 5,000 honeybees. “This past summer, we harvested 80 pounds of honey,” she says. “But it’s more than honey; it’s also the pollination that these bees provide, and the fact that we create this home for them that is safe and clean.”

Another recipient, Elizabeth, wrote five anti-bullying books that are used at 42 child care centers. “I created a kit with activities, costumes and the books that I wrote and illustrated,” she says. “I want teachers to realize that even at an early age that little kids don’t know how to express their feelings right.”

Liza created I Dream Express, a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing mobile learning centers around the world. “We teach [children] reading, writing and math,” she explains. “Aside from education, we sing songs and play games with them; we feed them a hot lunch; we treat any wounds or infections they may have; we wash their arms, legs and faces and provide them with proper footwear or clothing that they may lack.”

Liza adds, “I think just achieving the Gold Award has made such a big impact on all our lives, and it has taught us so many skills that we can use in life, such as leadership skills and having the heart to serve others.”

“I am humbled to be in your presence,” Robin tells the young women. “My advice is to continue being who you are; the brilliant young women that you are.”

Watch the video above to learn more about the 2015 National Young Women of Distinction and the actions they took to earn their Gold Award.

To learn more about the Girl Scouts, visit: GirlScouts.org.

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