Youngest Formation Wing Walkers? 9-Year-Olds Set Unofficial World Record (VIDEO)

Cousins Rose Powell and Flame Brewer may only be 9 years old, but they've already made history.

In an spectacular performance Wednesday, the 9-year-olds struck poses atop two airplanes mid-flight to become the youngest formation wing walkers, BBC reports.

Strapped to their grandfather's biplanes, the young girls were fastened tight and apparently in no danger during the aerial show over a private airfield in the United Kingdom.

"It was a little bit scary, but when we started to fly it was okay, and really, really fun," Brewer told ITV News.

When asked what the girls did in the air, Powell said "mostly screaming" but added that they also pulled a "little Superwoman pose."

The two young girls are not the only members of their family to set a wing-walking record. In 2009, Brewer's brother Tiger became the youngest wing walker at age 8 -- a record he still holds.

Though the 9-year-olds are reportedly the youngest formation wing walkers, it seems their attempt will not be officially recognized.

"Guinness World Records decided to stop monitoring 'unsuitable' records achieved or submitted by people younger than 16 years of age, unless the record is sanctioned by an internationally recognized organization," Jamie Panas, a public relations manager for the organization, explained to The Huffington Post.

But Powell and Brewer's aerial performance was not without purpose. While the 9-year-olds were seeking to set a record when they stepped onto the wings, they actually took on the challenge to raise funds and awareness for the Duchenne Children's Trust, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for the specific type of muscular dystrophy.