100-Minute-Old Newborn Baby Becomes Youngest Organ Donor In The UK: Reports

'Hero' Newborn Baby Becomes Youngest Organ Donor In The UK

The youngest-ever organ donor in the UK is reportedly a newborn baby who lived for only 100 minutes.

According to the BBC, newborn Teddy Houlston’s kidneys and heart valves were donated in the few minutes after his death. His kidneys ended up saving the life of an adult with renal failure.

He lived and died a hero. It’s impossible to explain how proud we are of him,” his father Mike Houlston, from Cardiff, Wales, told the Daily Mirror.

Baby Teddy died last year on April 22. However, the news of his organ donation only emerged this week.

“Every donation is inspirational. It is a selfless act of heroism,” Paul Murphy of National Health Service Blood and Transplant told the Mirror. “But Teddy’s story is exceptional. He was the youngest organ donor in the UK.”

Teddy, a twin, reportedly had anencephaly, a condition in which a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull. His brother, Noah, survived and is a healthy child.

Earlier this year, The Telegraph reported that a six-day-old baby girl's kidneys and liver cells had been donated to two different people after her 2014 death in a London hospital.

At the time, she was believed to be the youngest organ donor in the UK.

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