YouPitch: 60-Second Startup Pitches From Students Around World

All great companies start off with a pitch that captures people's imagination. Without it, entrepreneurs have a difficult time attracting talent, investors and, most importantly, customers.

That's why we at the MIT $100k Entrepreneurship Competition have launched YouPitch, an elevator pitch contest that's based entirely on YouTube and open to students from across the world.

The contest is the latest evolution of MIT's student-run $100k competition, an annual program that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the resources, network and learning opportunities needed to start successful ventures. Since its founding in 1989, over 150 companies have been launched out of the MIT $100k, raising $1.3 billion in venture capital and generating over $16 billion in market value. Notable alumni include Akamai, a leader in web application and performance management with annual revenues of $1+ billion, Harmonix, creators of "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero", as well as ZipCar, a leading car-sharing company.

YouPitch aims to provide students with a platform to showcase their business ideas and hone their viral marketing skills. We encourage contestants to submit 60-second pitches that clearly articulate a problem and solution, as well as exhibit imagination, passion and a touch of humor. The three videos with the most votes/'likes' on YouTube and MIT $100k's Facebook page will make it to the final judging round. Investor Brad Feld will pick the winner from three finalists. And the winner will receive a $2,000 cash prize plus a free trip to MIT for its Business Plan Contest finale in May.

Vote for your favorite pitch below:

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