'Your Baby Can Read' Creator Says Experts From Top Universities Are 'All Wrong' (VIDEO, POLL)

The "Today" show investigated the popular "Your Baby Can Read!" kit, which claims to teach infants to read and has sold over a million units. The company's ads claim the kit is "based on science," while the "Today" show featured childhood experts who say otherwise.

When asked by "Today" if the babies in the "Your Baby Can Read!" series are, in fact, reading, a scientist from Harvard said, "No"; one from Tufts said, "It's an extraordinary manipulation of facts"; and another from NYU said, "I think it's misleading, I think it's false, and I think it raises false expectations."

Dr. Titzer, who has a PhD in "human performance" and says, "I'm not a traditional expert as far as reading," created the series and said these leading experts are "all wrong" about his program.

"Today" pushed Dr. Titzer, citing interviews with researchers from Harvard, Yale, Tufts, NYU, Cornell, and Penn who claim the program is false.

"They're all wrong," Dr. Titzer repeated.