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Your Beautiful Flaws

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We have such a distorted view of beauty. Society brainwashes us to believe beauty is a size 0, it's white, and has no flaws. But true beauty has flaws. It's the flaws that make us unique. Our flaws are what set us apart; they make me, me, and you, you. We are all different and so we are all valuable. YOU are worth something. And your value is intrinsic. You don't need someone else to validate you. Set your standards, set your goals, and achieve them for you. Not for anyone else.

I may not have washboard abs or be model pretty. I may not have the whitest, impeccably straight teeth or the perfect complexion. I can grab skin on my sides and I don't pass up a brownie for the sake of my figure. I'm not white enough, dark enough, masculine or feminine enough for society's standards. But those aren't really flaws -- at least not to me. I have plenty of flaws, but they are my own. I decide what I will and will not be. My flaws are my flaws but they're what make me, me. Instead of looking at all the things I'm not, I'll be looking at all the things I am. I'm beautiful in my own skin and that makes me happy. Beauty comes in all sizes, colors, genders, and cultures. If you can't see that, you're beauty blind.

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