19 Reasons Your Best Friend Is The Only Valentine You Need

1. You never have to worry about those dumb "don't double-text" rules. Send them 1,000 in a row, then tweet them, Facebook them, send a telegram... keep going until you reach them.

2. You're weird around each other in a way that wouldn't fly around anyone else.

3. You'll agree on a food place and then pig out in front of each other. No politeness necessary.

4. When it comes to TV/movies... no arguments there either.

5. They've seen you bawl your eyes out, whine like a toddler, throw a temper tantrum... and they love you anyway.

6. They would NEVER leave your newest Instagram pic with zero likes.

7. But then again... nobody really knows whose account it is anyway, since you're both in every picture.

8. You don't have to be on your "best behavior" in front of their parents because they're technically your second mom and dad anyway.

9. No need to perfect your selfie face for them. The uglier the Snapchat, the better.

10. Full sentences? Yeah, right. You practically have your own language and can have a whole convo in emojis.

11. For some reason, you find things hilarious together that wouldn't otherwise be funny.

12. Your clothes are my clothes.

13. Cuddling never causes emotional confusion. It's always right.

14. You can also chat in the bathroom. What's weird about that?....

15. You're already "married" on Facebook, and you never plan to change that.

16. Other people refer to you by your collective name (Semi/Delena aren't the only ones who can do that), and you speak as a "we."

17. They're brutally honest with you (like, when you NEED to stop doing that dance move), but you appreciate it.

18. On the other hand, they'll tell you exactly what you need to hear to make you feel better.

19. Buying them V-day candy/chocolate will be the easiest thing because you know exactly what they want, and you know they'll split it with you. So, go! Celebrate Valentine's Day with the one you REALLY love.