Your 5 Biggest 'Guardians Of The Galaxy 2' Questions Are Finally Answered

Director James Gunn finally clears things up.

No dance-off needed.

Ever since (still unreleased) “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” footage premiered at San Diego Comic-Con, director James Gunn has been rapidly answering a barrage of fan questions.  

Well, you can keep them to yourself. Rather than endure the persistent fan pestering, Gunn is spilling all the beans. He’s spilling them!

In a lengthy and hilarious post on Facebook on Tuesday, Gunn took on all your biggest FAQs and revealed the answers to some major “GOTG 2” mysteries:

1. Yes, Vin Diesel is the voice of Baby Groot.

With Groot coming back in baby form at the end of the first “Guardians of the Galaxy,” many have been wondering whether Vin Diesel would still be on for the role. 

Wonder no more.

Gunn confirmed, “Vin is an actor and capable of doing many voices. His Carol Channing is famous in Hollywood.”


2. No, Baby Groot does not have Groot’s memories.

This one’s a notorious biggie. It’s still unknown whether or not Baby Groot is the actual Groot from the first film.

Now you should probably lean toward “not.” Gunn wrote that the relationship between the old Groot and Baby Groot is complicated, but revealed Baby Groot does not have old Groot’s memories.


3. The first trailer will arrive “before Christmas.”

We are Groot!
We are Groot!

Thank goodness.

The unreleased footage from Comic-Con has been a primary source of fan frustration thus far. C’mon! Release it already, dude!

Gunn said the first trailer will arrive “before Christmas,” but that’s all we know for now.


4. There are no Avengers in ‘GOTG 2.’ 

Avengers, do not assemble.  

Unfortunately, Gunn said the Avengers won’t be suiting up for this film. Oh, and there’s also no Thanos, either.

“No, he’s not in any of it,” wrote Gunn.


5.  Chris Pratt smells like armadillo pee.

We probably should’ve guessed this. When asked what Pratt Smells like, Gunn revealed, “It’s really sad, but armadillo urine.”

Check out the rest of Gunn’s reveals in his Facebook post below. Also, apparently no one has figured out that hidden “Guardians of the Galaxy” Easter egg yet. If you have any predictions, feel free to discuss in the comments.



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