'Your Body' Video: Christina Aguilera Doffs All Sense Of Propriety

Christina Aguilera's new video for "Your Body" reaches new lows, but at least she's really committing herself to her craft.

To those who haven't been paying attention, this is the song on which Christina says that all she wants to do is "love your body (ooooh oooh oooooh)." She also goes out of her way to let us know that she's a "freak" ("It's true, what you've heard").

The visuals start with a notice letting you know that no men were harmed in the creation of the video. That's a reference to the many scenes in which she seduces a man and kills him, by, say, taking him to a super skeezy men's bathroom and spraying paint around. Other things she does in this video: lie in a tanning bed in the front yard of a trailer park, seduce a man in a motel before throwing confetti around until he also dies (we think?), hitchhiking and seducing another guy and going to sleep with him in his car until she -- wait for it -- kills him by making the nice sedan go up in flames.

This is like "Chicago" except super boring. Watch the clip above. More Xtina below.

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