Your Choice is Clear: Hillary Clinton in November

Donald Trump recently called Hillary Clinton a "bigot," saying that she is "selling [minority communities] down the tubes because she's not doing anything for those communities." Except for one thing: not only was he wrong, but she has the record to show her work in these communities.

As First Lady, Hillary advocated publicly for children and families, helping to pass the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which now covers more than 8 million children, helping reform the foster care and adoption system and advocating for the expansion of Medicaid to cover foster kids until they are 21. She pushed for the expansion of Head Start and advocated for quality child care and equal pay for women to help break down barriers for working parents.

In 1995, Hillary led the U.S. delegation at the U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, declaring that "women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights." Hillary made advancing the status of women and girls around the world a core part of U.S. foreign policy, working to bring down the barriers that stop women and girls from reaching their potential. She stood up against sex trafficking, expanded opportunities for women and girls in education and business and led the fight for a U.N. Security Council resolution to combat sexual violence against women and children in conflict zones.

As the Senator from New York, Hillary co-sponsored legislation to end racial profiling and fought to restore voting rights and expand programs that help people re-enter society after they have served time. As Secretary of State, Hillary was a champion for LGBT rights at home and abroad, fought for internet freedom, and rights and opportunities for women and young people around the globe.

And because of Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton, The Clinton Foundation and its affiliated Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), more than 11.5 million people in over 70 countries have access to lifesaving HIV/AIDS drugs at 90 percent lower cost, including more than 800,000 children.

So let's discuss bigotry, Mr. Trump. A "bigot" is "a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group." For example, a "bigot" would be someone who calls a judge "biased" because he is Mexican or someone who says that Mexicans immigrating to our country are "rapists" and "bringing crime." A "bigot" would be someone who says that people of a certain religion should not be permitted entry into a nation.

Former President Bill Clinton said in 1993: "There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right in America." I believe that this still holds true today.

One of the former President's favorite stories is about Nelson Mandela, the late leader of South Africa. After his 27 years of imprisonment, Mandela invited his opponents to his presidential inauguration.

When Clinton asked Mandela how he could forgive them, he said, "I realize they could take everything from me except my mind and heart. Those things I would have to give away. And I decided not to give them away."

Vote for who you want in November. But when you vote, vote with your mind and your heart - because no one can ever take either one away from you.

And if you vote with your mind and heart, your choice is clear. Your candidate is Hillary Clinton.