Your Christmas Tree May Be Filled With As Many As 25,000 Bugs

Finding the perfect Christmas tree may be your goal this holiday season, but beware ― chances are, it’s probably filled with thousands of bugs.

According to a new report released by pest control company Safer Brand, as many as 25,000 bugs can live in one Christmas tree. Though these creepy crawlers aren’t dangerous to humans, there are a handful of insects Safer Brand suggests you look out for.

“Most Christmas tree insects don’t live off the tree, only in it. Your home’s environment isn’t suitable for them so they will dry out and die before ever venturing out,” explained Safer Brand.

From spiders and mites to adelgids, praying mantises and bark beetles, these insects are taking over your tree. However, occasionally there are lurkers.

“Although many will stay on the tree, a few may be attracted to sources of light, including windows. But, because they are associated with field-grown conifers, none of these accidental introductions are a threat to your home, its contents or occupants,” explained Rayanne Lehman according to MNN.

Safer Brand recommends taking some precautions to limit infestations. Tree owners should leave their trees in the garage for a few days, give the branches a shake and spray its needles with neem oils to kill any surviving bugs.

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