Your Dad Asks Computer Questions (VIDEO)

Your Dad Asks Computer Questions (VIDEO)

I'm pretty sure everyone under 35 will be able to relate to the first third of this video...then it gets kind of weird.

If your dad is anything like my dad he calls you several times a day asking you vague questions (he doesn't know the terminology to be more specific) about some vague computer problem/issue. Usually, it wasn't a problem to begin with, just a simple misunderstanding, but then he hit the enter button fifteen times hard or clicked on every icon available, or opened three hundred web browsers in frustration and made things worse and now you have to talk him through restarting the computer and doing a few other simple things that will take over an hour because he doesn't know what 'restart' means nor 'right click,' 'icon,' 'Microsoft,' 'Apple key,' or 'num lock.'


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