Your Dreams and Desires


Make the choice every day to live a life you love. A life that reflects more of YOU, your dreams, passions and deepest desires.

An exciting way to start with creating a life you absolutely love is with getting clear on what it is you desire the most. What are your dreams, your hearts wishes, your deepest desires?

I invite you to take the time to really allow yourself to indulge in the following process. Set your place up for a lovely success. Make it an extra enjoyable activity by lighting a candle, using your favorite incense, playing a soul soothing music in the background, having your favorite notebook ready, some coloring pens if you love to get creative, and your favorite drink in handy. When all is set, take a couple of deep breaths and start the following process.

The Process

Step 1. Dream Grant And Describe Your Feelings

This is a moment to dream grant. Everything is possible and there are no limits. Let go of judgements and can not's. Let the ideas flow. Be gentle and kind with yourself as you are opening yourself up.

Now, imagine your ideal life. Imagine your absolute dream life. And imagine how it FEELS like for you to live this grant life. Go through the emotions. And describe passionately about the way you FEEL, you living this amazing ideal dream life.

Step 2. Dream Grant, Dream Granter. Describe your Dream Life

Now write or draw, whatever you feel like, your absolute ideal life. Again no judgments here. Everything is possible.

Write about how your love life looks like, your health, your career, your financial situations, with whom do you hang out with, what activities do you do, how does your spiritual life look like? Would you love to travel? What would you like to experience?

Step 3. Elicit your Desire Goals

You have taken time to listen to your heart's desires. Now it is time to elicit your desire goals. From what you have written down, what do you desire to feel, to be, to do, to have? Write these desire goals down.

For example:
I desire to feel fit, vibrant and alive.
I desire to feel beautiful.
I desire to feel abundant, prosperous and rich.
I desire to look fabulous.
I desire to be heatlthy.
I desire to have a big house with a great of the ocean.
I desire to paint nature.
I desire...

Congratulations, you have written treasures now! Acknowledge yourself for doing this.

You desire to live an amazing life you absolutely love and you have taken the time to get clear on what that looks and feels like for you.

Allow the possibility of your dream life to set in. Believe or start to believe this or better than this is possible for you.

Affirm: I allow myself to believe that my dream life is possible for me! And for that I am so grateful!

Wonderful job! I can't wait to hear what has come out of this experience for you.

What did you feel was the most important thing you got out of this process?

Please feel free to share your experience with me. You can comment below or drop an email at

Note: It is important though to be aware of thoughts that come up that are counterproductive to your deep desires. Like for example, "I don't deserve this", "I don't think I can be..." "Yeah, right" or whatever it may be. These are thoughts, beliefs or fears that may hold you back in living a life you absolutely life. Put them down too on a separate page. These are the ones you need to release and there are all kinds of techniques and tools available to do that. I'll be sharing them through my blog and coachingservices.