Your Evolving Self


"Act your age," admonished a parent.

"I don't know how to -- I've never been this age before!" came the response.

A trite story maybe, but with an element of wisdom. If we knew it all in advance we'd have mastered the "mystery" of being human during an earlier time and we'd be back re-running the same old scripts -- hardly a formula for growth.

In stead ours is the arduous task of development, both lateral for enrichment as well as vertical for transformation. We enrich our lives through diversity of experiences and potentially transform them to become qualities of consciousness -- the kind we aspire to, and which some erroneously believe will eventuate through prayer and wishful thinking. They include insight, compassion, tolerance, patience, and understanding.

Wisdom traditions assert our true identity is an evolving one, not to be imprisoned by label or empirical analysis. Our perennial fascination with movies/stories portraying quests, missions, myths, journeys, underlines our deep need for mystery and its resolution; and what greater mystery is there accompanying us day by day than, "Who am I, really!?"

"I feel lost" a student once told me. I re-assured him every story of "the mission into the far country" included an account of being lost at some point. I advised him to embrace the identity "he who is lost" recognizing it as a valid garment at some stage in everyone's experience.

With that he gave himself permission to be lost and a new direction opened up for him almost at once.

Such is the power of non-resistance.


HuffPost's GPS for the Soul app is based on two truths about human beings. First: We all have a centered place of wisdom, harmony and balance within us. Second: We're all going to veer away from that place, again and again and again. What we need is a great course-correcting mechanism -- a GPS for the Soul -- to help us find our way back to that centered place, from which everything is possible.

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