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The First Fragrance We Fell In Love With

Everyone remembers their first kiss -- no matter how glorious or gross it was. But do you recall the very first fragrance you fell in love with after just one spritz?

We recently attended a launch for Chloé Love Story, a new scent by the French fashion house designed with rose, orange blossom oil and cedarwood, and it got us thinking about our earliest perfume memories.

The intimate tales behind our most fond perfumes and colognes linger in our minds just like the very notes they're blended with.

Below our editors share the sentimental stories behind the fragrances that first captured their hearts and sense of smell. Tell us yours in the comments section!

YSL Paris
"This is my mother's signature scent, so to me it's the epitome of what love smells like. One whiff of the warm and inviting fragrance and my mind wanders through all the most amazing memories from my childhood. Just like we all have a soundtrack to our lives, this would be the hit song to the 'scenttrack' of my life. Now whenever I wear YSL Paris it feels like an embrace from my mom -- even though she's a few hundred miles away." - Julee Wilson, Fashion and Beauty Editor
CK One
"I first smelled CK One when I was on vacation with my parents in Aspen when I was maybe 11. My parents were busy at a conference during the day, so I rode my bike around town and stopped at this cute store where you could mix perfumes with lotions, which was so cool to me. So I mixed CK One with a sparkly lotion (I was 11, after all) and to this day I can't smell it and not think of that week in summer." - Kate Auletta, Executive Travel Editor
Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar
"As a middle schooler, I was very into the whole Bath & Body Works phase, and while I had a couple of favorite scents, my ultimate spray was Warm Vanilla Sugar from their Signature Collection. I distinctly remember spraying this all over myself before school every morning -- and I loved the way the vanilla scent stayed on my clothes, because no matter what, I would always smell like dessert. Nowadays I would never spray that stuff on me, but whenever I smell a vanilla-based fragrance, my 13-year-old self swoons." - Chanel Parks, Associate Style Editor
Michael Kors Signature
"Michael Kors by Michael Kors was the first scent I ever needed to own. I was studying abroad in London and one of my flatmates wore it. Every day she put it on, I would comment on how fresh and clean (and amazing) it was. I'd never been so drawn to a scent before, usually going through phases of one semi-likable scent until I grew tired of it. Maybe it's the fond memories of that time period or the fact that I still hold every other scent up to that standard, but I still wear it today, almost 10 years later." - Katelyn Mullen, Managing Lifestyle Editor
Burberry Brit
"I was obsessed with Burberry and all things London as a budding/awkward fashionista between the ages of 11 and 13. My family actually went to London when I was 14 and I couldn't wait to buy my first 'big girl' perfume at Harrods. Unfortunately, I bought the Burberry Brit spray-on DEODORANT (thinking it was the perfume in an 'English' bottle) and didn't notice... until a year later. Today, I wear Burberry London, but my family and I still chuckle about that time I was wearing deodorant as perfume. At least I smelled good!" - Carly Ledbetter, Associate Lifestyle Editor
Hugo by Hugo Boss
"The very first fragrance I fell in love with is actually this cologne. My older brother Daryl used to wear it while in high school. And because I wanted to be just like him, I would sneak into his bedroom and spray the heavily masculine scent all over the baggy shirts I'd also steal from his closet." - Dana Oliver, Executive Fashion and Beauty Editor
Thierry Mugler Angel
"Angel was the first fragrance that made me want to have a 'signature scent.' My nana started wearing it around the same time I was given a bottle for my birthday, and I loved that it was something we had in common. It made me feel a little bit more grown up." - Jamie Feldman, Associate Style Editor
Exclamation by Coty
"My dad bought me this perfume one Christmas. This was after I outgrew the multi-packs of scented lip glosses that he used to order me from the Avon catalog. Needless to say, he was a beauty hero of sorts." - Jessica Cumberbath Anderson, Executive Home Editor
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