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Your Guide to Surviving the Coming Apocalypse... In Style

Need something to give to the husband or father who is secretly obsessed with Nostradamus specials on The History Channel?should be your pick for Father's Day.
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Need something to give to the husband or father who has everything, likes to read a few pages of something silly in the bathroom and is secretly obsessed with Nostradamus specials on The History Channel? Apocalypse How: Turn the End-Times into the Best Times should be your pick for Father's Day.

According to terrorism experts, bioterrorism and chemical attacks are what we should fear. There are blister agents, blood agents, choking agents, nerve agents, etc. (According to this Guide to Terrorism Preparedness: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear, prepared by the American Council on Science and Health, this is what we can anticipate in various scenarios.)

I mean, you've gotta laugh ... or at least that's what Rob Kutner, a writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, wants us to do.

Apocalypse How offers a humorous spin on these end-of-days scenarios. Organized like a lifestyle guide (or a cross between a futuristic advertising supplement and a men's magazine), the book tells you how to forge for non-radioactive food, suggests guidelines for dating with extra digits and limbs, and -- in case of alien occupation -- includes mini self-help books like How to Win Friends and Influence Mutants and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Petty Tyrants.

It's a very silly book. But it has a lot of things going for it as a Father's Day gift: It's short. It's guy humor. It's broken into 2-minute reading mini-bites. Lots of glossy graphics. You can order it online now and it'll arrive in time. And did I mention that the pages are slightly laminated for easy bathroom reading?