FYI, The Hair On Your Head Can Hold Up To The Weight Of 2 Elephants

Don't try this at home.

Just a heads-up: your hair has super strength.

Research tells us that a single strand of hair can hold approximately three ounces in weight. That may not seem like much, but take a look at the video above ― you’ll see that one hair can withstand the weight of over a dozen pennies without breaking.

If one hair can hold that much weight, how much can all the hair on your head hold? The answer is staggering. One head of hair can hold up to 12 tons, or the weight of two elephants.

So what makes your hair so freakishly strong?

Human hair is made of keratin, a powerful structural protein found in horse hooves, animal claws, and our outer layer of skin. Keratin’s cross-linking nature allows for hair’s unbelievable tensile strength, i.e. the force required to pull something like rope or wire to the point where it breaks.

Your hair is naturally tough, but there are certain behaviors that can weaken its tensile strength. Your hair can become dry and brittle if you don’t ingest enough vitamins or protein. Moisture and temperature can also have an effect on your hair’s texture.

So if you want your hair to be Connie Britton-level flawless, eat plenty of protein, protect your hair from sun damage and get trims every six to eight weeks. Your hair will be Rapunzel-ready in no time.

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