Your Illustrated Guide To What NOT To Say To An Artist

Being an artist is hard enough...

Being an artist is hard. Fielding the bizarre, awkward, insulting and ignorant reactions to telling people your occupation of choice is nearly unbearable. Why do so many people feel compelled to comment on the fact that you chose to put pen to paper for a living?

Earlier this year, we asked our audience: What are the lines you never, ever, ever utter in the presence of an artist? Many of our artist readers contributed, via email and Twitter, some of the worst offenders. In a nutshell: No, I won't draw you. No, you can't have a piece of art. And no, I'm not soooo lucky! 

If you fear you may be guilty of seriously pissing off the artists in your life, peruse this handy illustrated guide to the things you definitely positively should not say to an artist. Bookmark it, print it out, keep it in your pocket. Just don't mention your five-year-old's comparable talents ever again.

Let us know the infuriating comments we missed in the comments. 

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