Your Kid's a Weiner
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Watch where you point your finger. Your kid has probably sent or received a sext today.

The accusations that led to Anthony Weiner's resigning were upsetting insofar as this was a teachable moment. Instead it became a media circus. Why not have a larger discussion about the serious issues surrounding privacy and technology? Develop a better understanding of how these issues can negatively impact private companies, our children, and political careers.

In the USA, the average kid sends over 100 text messages per day. This extreme messaging does not have as positive an impact on their digital literacy as it does their ability to beat their elders in thumb wars. The reality is that 1 in 10 kids has sent sext (sex + text) of themselves and that 1 in 4 has sent and/or received one of someone else.

In other words, our children are performing 2 felonies -- manufacturing and distribution of child pornography. As well as the misdemeanor of viewing. In many states, our youth felons would not be able to vote for the rest of their lives and can be registered as sexual offenders.

Did the media frenzy around Weiner's sexting teach them a lesson about the dangers of digital exhibitionism? Detail the size of the issue? Or go to lengths to ensure that youth know how to protect themselves and their friends? I'd venture to say not. Wiener stepped down due to lying more than because of what he did. And besides, the pics are scarily tame compared to what youth are caught with.

We need to ensure more literacy and protection when it comes to online behavior. Eliminating one of the few politicians who has a knowledge of the digital world and has been supporting people's rights online is not the way to go about it.

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