Your Life On Meditation -- Unlocking Freedom

As I drove into the desert for my silent meditation retreat, I was not looking forward to sitting still. 

I mean, I was because I knew the benefits, but my mind was moving so rapidly I knew the first hour or so would be difficult. I was already jittery from the coffee I consumed and I had conversations and ideas swirling through my awareness. 

The meditation retreat was right on time. I knew I needed it and truthfully we all do. 

Let me tell you where my mind was at before the meditation retreat. I was emotionally snagged by the hate and the violence happening around the world. The news had managed to suck me in. People I had liked and respected were spewing hate on-line and racism was becoming more apparent everyday it seemed. Just two days before, I was slightly on edge while sitting with my daughter at LAX airport as I noticed the bomb detection crew parked out front. 

Fear had made its way into my awareness. *places hands over eyes and shakes head*

I do the work to choose love over fear, every damn day. Yet still, I am HUMAN. 

A Course in Miracles teaches us, "No one who lives in fear is truly alive.

That's right, fear limits our perception...BIG TIME. I'm not saying that there aren't dangers in the world, because there are many. However, some may never reach us, so why are we living in the mental/emotional prison of fear? 

Every moment that we choose fear over love, we are essentially wasting time. Worry is a waste. We could spend that precious time focused on solutions. The first thing we must work on is our awareness. This can be tricky when we are so wrapped up in the story that sparked fear in the first place. 

Let's be clear, the fear limiting many people is more subtle. We have fears of not having enough money, enough talent or fear someone may fall out of love with us.

Subtle or not, fear is still fear and it can stunt our personal growth and essentially block success. Fear can keep you hanging onto careers and relationships that cause more pain than joy. This energy also makes us sick. Literally! When we worry, our body releasing the stress hormone cortisol which leads to illness and premature aging.

Why so much worry? We are viewing the world through a very limited lens. THIS is why I meditate. This is why I choose to enter into days of silence.

You see, the point of meditation is not to quiet your mind or shut it down. That's incoherence. We are sitting to gain awareness. To become more coherent. We sit in silence to wake up to the bigger picture.

The key is to observe your mind. To become aware that you are not your mind. That voice that never shuts up, even when you are exhausted, is not you. It's only a piece of who we are. We have the ability to train it and look beyond it. 

So many humans are suffering from a severe case of chronic opinions. The opinions from others and their own. This is extremely draining!  Concerning yourself with what another person thinks is a waste of time. It has nothing to do with us as their opinions are formed from their conditioning and history. We must focus on being our authentic self and that becomes more clear during meditation. 

There's freedom in being present, without worry, expectation or judgment. 

In meditation you are focusing on the present moment through the observation of your breath, while noticing the illusions your mind projects. Close your eyes and witness this mental movie screen and it's vast capabilities. Past events, fantasies of the future and all sort of imagery and you simply allow it to pass. Remember, you are the observer.

When we do this we are energetically lifted above the smaller realities of our world to gain a macro perspective of what life truly is. 

From space, the planet is perfect. The earth is at peace. Our mother Earth is a living being with trillions of life forms inhabiting it. This includes the human race and ultimately the animal kingdom. We choose whether or not to tune into this Universal truth. Do we choose to focus on the smaller realities of the human condition OR do we choose the greater Reality? 

In these moments we can catch glimpses of universal love, peace and visions for our life. 

This is liberation, the birthplace of healing.

I've healed depression and anxiety through my meditation and ongoing awareness practice. Just four years ago I was diagnosed with a panic disorder, agoraphobia and depression. I couldn't handle open spaces or the freeway without a full-blown panic attack so I was forced to take daily medication. I was so connected with my mind, I allowed it to drive me to chronic pain. I knew I didn't want to live my life this way. So I didn't.

I devoted my life to healing. I learned to listen to my feelings for they are divine messengers. I began to get clear on my feelings regarding my environment (work/friends/home), my nutrition and monitored my mental state. I surrendered to becoming my most authentic and BEST self.

What are you willing to do to get free?

When I drove away from Royal Way Ranch two days later, I was blissful. I was absolutely vibrating at a much higher frequency than when I had arrived. I was fully awake and rich in awareness. Aware of the human condition but not completely consumed by it. Ahhhhh, the spaciousness of
emotional F R E E D O M.  

This was my 5th silent retreat, and each one has been unique as my consciousness evolves and life circumstances change. I am forever grateful for the teachings of Rev./Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith and the creativity expressing through his wife Dr. Ricki Byars Beckwith as chants and sacred song as they facilitated this retreat.

So here it is, you have the answer. A sure fire solution to dissolve nearly every fear. A path to uncovering your purpose. A divine sanctuary within where the infinite is revealed to you. 

Will you choose to enter the silence? It's ready when you are.

If you'd like my guidance in unlocking your truth and releasing fear, visit my site to learn more about working together. I help women heal through 1:1 work to dissolve inner-barriers.