'Your Mom's House' Is The Best Department Store Around

'Your Mom's House' Is The Best Department Store Around

"Are you a 20-something barely making your rent? Do you have a mom? Then try Your Mom's House!"

Musical sketch comedy group PopRoulette reminds us that the best place to shop isn't the mall, it's Your Mom's House! You get quick and easy returns with a built-in personal shopper, in exchange for just a few hours of fielding questions about Twitter and your relationship status.

“Your Mom's House is the only place where young, hip, financially unstable fashionistas can get clothes for free!” announce gleeful 20-somethings. With Mother's Day around the corner, there's no better time than now to go home and celebrate your mom by shopping (for you).

If you're not a big shopper, there's also a restaurant in Your Mom's House -- specializing in dishes you're ordinarily too poor and lazy to put together yourself. Doesn't get much better than a free shopping spree and a meal.

Stay tuned for "My Two Dads' House," opening soon.

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